Japanese Maples

Here at Ebear Farm we love growing plants and this passion led us to build a large poly tunnel and growing Acer Palmatum. We grow all our trees in the same way we promote our products with Effective Micro-organisms. This gives them a great start to help them flourish into your dream Acer.

The History of Japanese Maple
For more than 300 years Japanese maple trees have been developed and selected for their beauty and variation of form and colour. Japanese horticulturists have contributed to the world a heritage of beauty from this group of plants which are indigenous to their country. The native Japanese maple has the tendency to produce great variations within the species. By selection and cross-pollination, more than 250 cultivars have been developed. Most of which, we grow and sell right here at AcerOnline.co.uk

This hobby has grown and we have over 80 different cultivars all grown slowly with our EM Technology. Strong root systems and vibrant colours are our trade marks.


The term “Japanese maple” has two meanings. One is applied by the nursery industry which has often grouped all the cultivars of several Acer species under the general term “Japanese Maples”. Most often included in this group are all the cultivars and forms of Acer palmatum.

The second meaning of the term “Japanese maple” is used by the serious dendrologist to indicate all 23 Acer species that are endemic to the islands of Japan and nearby territories.

Acers Online

A Guide to Correct Care of an Acer Palmatum

At Acers online we endeavour to supply healthy strong plants which will thrive and develop into beautiful trees to be enjoyed for many years. We have put together some guidelines to help you care for the Acer in your garden. We cannot take responsibility when the proper care rules are not followed which may lead to damaged plants. We wish you many hours of adoration for your new Acer Palmatum. Not much effort is required to make sure that the Japanese maple keeps its beauty and above all its spectacular autumn colouring. Nevertheless, it is somewhat selective in terms of location and fertilisation.

Why not add bokashi bran to your roots when planting to give a great start to your new acer?