Horses, Goats and Sheep

Horses, Goats and sheep

The philosophy and conviction of EM Agriton Naturally Active is that good soil fertility must be central to sustainable agriculture. In doing so, we do not only pay attention to the physical and chemical processes, but also to the very important biological processes, as is common science. Good soil fertility produces sufficient healthy food, which increases the natural resistance in humans, animals, plants and soils and reduces the chance of diseases developing.

Our system improves the soil fertility and structure of sand, clay and peat soils, resulting in improved water and air management in all soil types. As a result, grassland management and fodder extraction can be better coordinated with, for example, horse husbandry.


Vulkamin granulate, Edasil clay minerals, Aegir sea shell lime can be applied to the pasture. In addition, the use of Actiferm can help stimulate the digestion of manure on the pasture. The use of the Effective Micro-organisms also leads to (re)activation of the soil life.
Guidelines for maintenance dosage:
– Vulkamin granulate: 300 kg per hectare
– Edasil Clay minerals: 300 kg per hectare
– Aegir Seashell lime: 500 kg per hectare per 3 years
– Actiferm: 100 litres per hectare per year divided into different treatments (20 litres Actiferm per treatment diluted in 500 – 1000 litres of water)


EM Ceramic pipes in the water filter.
Stagnant water quickly starts to smell unpleasant. This is also the case with the drinking water of animals. The use of the EM ceramic pipes in the filter helps the water longer dynamic to keep it fresh and tasty longer.

Himalayan Lick stone (Himalayan salt blocks of 4 to 5 kg)
Himalayan salt is the ideal pure salt source for your animal. It contains in its natural form a multitude of minerals and trace elements. These can be absorbed very well and help to detoxify the body. At the same time, the reserves of minerals and trace elements are replenished.

Syn-Vital Probiotic Feed Additive 
This is a fermented feed additive based on Effective Micro-organisms fermented wheat bran. Unlike dried probiotics, Syn-vital still contains living micro-organisms and their metabolic products; antioxidants and other bioactive substances. It is these substances that make a positive contribution to the absorption and digestive processes and are therefore considered to promote health.
Dosage: 15 – 25 grams per small animal (sheep or goat)/  per day 50 grams per horse

Proferm Probiotic Feed Additive( Wheat free )
Proferm is an ideal supplement to the daily diet of herbivores. It is the result of the controlled fermentation of spelt bran with Effective Micro-organisms. The combination of pre- and probiotics in living form ensures that Proferm contains many interesting metabolic products: antioxidants, organic acids and other bio-active substances. These ensure that besides an increased feed intake and digestibility also an increased tastiness of the feed occurs. The general condition and resistance of the animal increases, as well as the intestinal flora, is strengthened.
Dosage: 50 grams per animal per day

Horse skin and hoof

EM-SKINCARE spray is 100% natural spray  helps to strengthen the skin flora. Spraying Effective Micro-organisms over the coat can help prevent the development of many skin problems. In the winter, for example, regularly ‘treating’ your horse under it’s blanket can be beneficial.

In the stable

The use of Effective Micro-organisms in the housing has numerous advantages. For example, the manure in the stable is pre-digested and does not rot. In this way, you eliminate odour nuisance and the flies that go with it in the summer. The barn climate is also controlled in the right direction, which reduces the risk of infections.
Dosage: 1-litre Actiferm per m² per year or 2 to 3 times weekly 1.5 litres solution (5/100) sprayed over the bottom of the house (9 m²).

Vulkamin is an ancient stone flour of volcanic origin.  Vulkamin is extremely suitable as a bedding material in the stable being highly absorbent and naturally antiseptic. Vulkamin binds ammonia, which greatly reduces the odour nuisance in the housing and improves the living environment. When Vulkamin reaches the soil via the manure, the soil is enriched with minerals and trace elements.
Application: 2 x 0.75 kg per 9 m² per week


Manure from horses  for example, is very suitable for making Bokashi Compost . You can read more about this in our extensive brochure Equibiome about all things horses.

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