Pet care for your animals

Agriton Home and Garden uses scientifically formulated 100% natural solutions that provide therapeutic benefits for your pets and animals’ internal and external health and wellbeing in combination with a healthy living environment.

Their environment, 100% natural solutions:

Keeping their homes clean

Wipe&Clean is a 100% natural cleaner for a pleasant environment and a healthy home. Wipe&Clean will effectively remove grease, dirt and unpleasant odours, keeping your dog beds, litter boxes, cages or kennels completely clean without using any harmful chemicals.

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Removing foul smells

Use Edasil Clay Minerals as a ground cover for your cat litter boxes, aviaries or dovecotes. The clay minerals absorb moisture and bind ammonia; the resulting contents can be reused to improve the soil quality of your garden! Go one step further; for your backyard flocks, why not use Actiferm to help convert their manure efficiently and Bokashi Bran in the coop to promote surface composting.

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Deterring ticks

Create your own Ceramic Pipe Collar for your canine companion as a natural tick repellent necklace! Considerably fewer ticks are observed on the coat of a dog wearing a collar with EM® Ceramics. Dogs are, as it were, protected by the favourable vibration of EM® Ceramics.

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Aquarium vitality

Promote the natural balance of your aquarium water and the vitality of your fish with EM-1, a naturally occurring Effective Micro-organism that increases resistance to bacterial invasion. Apply to your aquarium at least once a year; please note sometimes it is necessary to provide the aquarium with extra oxygen afterwards. Improve your water quality with the use of EM® ceramics in your filter system or loosely on the floor of your tank. TIP: When you clean the filter system, rinse the ceramic pipes with fresh water.

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Hive health for bees

Beekeepers have used chemicals and synthetics to control Varroa for many decades. These pesticides are now prohibited by law. Fortunately, there is an alternative for beekeepers facing this problem: BeeWellness is a product made from Effective Microorganisms EM® and is 100% natural, providing a valuable alternative to chemicals and antibiotics.

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Their nutrition and hydration, 100% natural solutions:

Promoting gut health

Like us, our pets have delicate digestive systems that need the right level of bacterial to help keep their gut happy. There are ways we can support this gastrointestinal process. Syn-Vital contains a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that naturally improves ANY animal’s digestion resistance. This synergy of good bacteria and fibres stimulates the intestinal flora positively. This results in improved digestion and uptake of nutrients; moreover, your furry and feathered companions get a beautiful, healthy coat that moults quicker in the more seasonal months.

Keeping their drinking water fresh

Ceramics pipes restore water to its original state of purity and help prevent oxidation. Help keep their water fresh and tasty for longer.

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Bee-food is a liquid probiotic that can be added to syrup and pollen substitutes to improve fermentation and boost the immune system of the bees.

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