Probiotic Cleaning


You can use Wipe & Clean daily to clean. Objects with a smooth surface are particularly suitable for cleaning with Wipe & Clean. Available in a 2Ltr vacuum packed box in concentrated form, just tap off the required amount and dilute with water.

We also have handy flairasol atomiser spray bottles which can be filled with the diluted liquid.

2 Ltr Bag-in-box


           Flairasol spray

Wipe and Clean 1L

I Ltr sprays Classic, Mint & Basil

Also available in 1 Ltr ready to use spray bottles.


Windows stays cleaner for longer washed with probiotic Wipe& clean


The effective micro-organisms find their way into everyday household tasks. From the bathroom to the children’s room, from the dishwasher to the washing machine. Wipe & Clean is also ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars and other metal structures. There is no task where the Micro-organisms from EM® cannot prove their usefulness!

Wipe and Clean A4  


Probiotic cleaning.

It’s no secret that probiotics aid digestion and overall wellness. Based on the premise that health isn’t just about killing off bad bacteria, but also promoting the growth of good bacteria, this popular wellness remedy is now making its way into the world of cleaning products, too. We at Agriton have been making specialised microbial products for 25 years and are delighted to tell you about our probiotic cleaning product ‘Wipe & Clean’  is germ-powered and harnesses the power of “friendly” bacteria to keep your home sparkling (and naturally) clean.

What is a probiotic cleaner?  

Instead of chemicals that kill off all germs in sight, probiotic cleaners are powered by “good” bacteria which create compounds called bio-detergents that detox home surfaces and break down dirt and grime.

Flairasol spray ideal and practical in use

If you’re looking to boost your home’s microbiome, on top of our all-purpose cleaner, we also offer  an air freshener based on the same technology and ready-to-use spray bottles which have been fitted with an inside bag to keep the product at its fresh best.

How is a probiotic cleaner made?

Producing probiotic cleaner is all about fermentation, similar to making many of our other health boosting products. To create its friendly-germ tonic,  uses just four totally natural ingredients—purified water, medical-grade probiotics, beneficial compounds produced during fermentation, and organic essential oil. After allowing the bacteria to brew for over a month, we add in the essential oils from mint and holy basil which leaves your surfaces smelling as fresh and clean as they actually are.

Why should I use a probiotic cleaner?

One of the main perks is that probiotic cleaners are totally natural, without any chemical or artificial scent additives, which is ideal for people with sensitive skin or anyone just doesn’t like to clean with harsh ingredients like bleach. Agriton  products (including their packaging) are also completely biodegradable, so you won’t be doing any harm to the environment when you use them.

Another benefit of probiotic cleaners that you won’t get from an all-purpose spray: The “friendly” bacteria in probiotic cleaners also linger on surfaces after you’re done cleaning, which means your home will stay cleaner, longer. (While you may not think cleaning with germs is an effective way to, well, get rid of germs, Agriton regularly performs microbial tests to make sure their products are indeed up to par.)

How do I use a probiotic cleaner?

Dilute with water for an economical clean

You use your probiotic cleaner just like any other cleaning product: Just spray, let the bugs do the work, and wipe away. Keep in mind that the more often you use a probiotic cleaner, the better, since you’re essentially replenishing your army of grime-fighters.

Instead of chemicals that kill off all germs in sight, probiotic cleaners are powered by “good” bacteria—in Agriton’s case, Effective Micro-organisms  probiotics—which create compounds called bio-detergents that detox home surfaces and break down dirt and grime. EM was developed by Professor Higa in Okinawa, Japan 30 years ago and is known all over the world.

see:  for more information of our roots.


Wipe & Clean offers a natural chemical free alternative to detoxify your home

leaving it fresh and clean with a wonderful aroma.

Available in Classic ( no herb added), Mint or Holy Basil.

2L, 1L  & 20L

Dilute with water for excellent results. Enjoy the fresh mint aroma !