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Wipe & Clean Probiotic cleaner

In the same way as humans, many animals have problems with their intestinal flora and this is reflected in the condition of the skin, coat and habitat in general.

A healthy internal and external microbial balance is crucial for a happy and healthy animal. Often this only becomes evident when the coat lacks lustre or when the skin is mottled due to the infestation of fungi, insects or because of stress.

By adding Effective Micro-organisms to an animal’s diet with Proferm Pets, or to the skin/coat with EM® SkinCare, the beneficIal micro-organisms inhibit opportunistic pathogens which would otherwise affect the animal’s nutritional capacity, immune system and wellbeing.

Note that in case of illness or serious problems, a veterinarian should always be consulted.

Tip: Make a collar of EM® ceramic pipes  to prevent ticks.  Another way of reducing chemical treatments and works naturally preventing infestation. The ceramic pipes resonate healthywaves which prevent ticks attaching to animal.

Cat litter box
The use of Edasil clay minerals in the litter box offers numerous advantages.The clay minerals have a high moisture absorbing capacity and bind ammonia. When changing the litter box, the contents can be incorporated into the plant border where it can be used to improve soil quality, a win-win situation!

Cleaning (Dogs)
When washing out the litter box or cleaning the dog kennel, the use of Wipe & Clean can be recommended to reduce odour nuisance. Dosage: 100 ml Wipe & Clean to 10 litres of water.

Water treatment (all pets)
Stagnant water quickly starts to smell unpleasant. This is also the case with the drinking bowls of our pets. The use of the EM ceramic pipes helps to keep the water dynamic longer so it stays fresh and tasty longer.

Proferm For Pets

Proferm Pets is a fermented feed supplement based on spelt bran fermented with EM®.

Unlike dried probiotics, Proferm Pets contains living (effective) micro-organisms with active metabolic properties, antioxidants and bioactive substances. These properties help to improve the absorption and digestion of nutrients, which in turn increase the general condition and resilience of the animal, as well as it’s habitat. 

Numerous studies have proven the ability of probiotic bacteria to colonise the gastrointestinal tract, leading to reduced risk of infection and allergies while strengthening the immune system.


Cats and dogs: 5-10gr per day.

Small animals: 2-3% of daily feed intake

Always start with a smaller dose and step up over 1-2 weeks. 


Spelt husks fermented with EM®. Lactic acid bacteria: Lactobacillus plantarum and Lactobacillus casei. 

Yeast fungus: Saccharomyses cerevisiae. dairy-free and very low in sugars.

EM® SkinCare

EM® SkinCare contains an active mixture of naturally occurring micro-organisms that help promote a natural balance of healthy micro-flora and suppress disease. These dominant micro-organisms deny the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, creating a microbial balance on the animal’s skin and coat that strengthens the skin’s immune system and inhibits disease.

EM® SkinCare is safe to use on all animals and on sensitive parts such as the nose, ears, teats, and around the eyes etc.

What does EM® SkinCare do? 

Promotes the naturally occurring and healthy microflora on the skin.

    Treats fungal infections on the skin, ears and paws.

    Forms an active protective film on the skin and strengthens the skin’s natural protective flora while inhibiting opportunistic pathogens.

    Moisturises damaged skin, which shortens the healing process.


Spray on the coat and/or the irritated/damaged area. Use a soft brush to work it properly into the coat. Repeat daily or every other day.


Contains a mixture of 80 different active and beneficial micro-organisms.