06 May 2021

Bokashi bucket trial Aloha restaurant, The Netherlands

Aloha is a bar/restaurant in Rotterdam. Aloha serves food and drinks that represent the local
environment and the season. Aloha’s entire modus operandi, in both the bar and the kitchen,
revolves around maximum creativity and working radically differently to create as little waste as

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01 Mar 2021

How organic farmers are benefitting from bokashi process.

Organic beef farmers Andy and Nicola Morris have reduced muck-handling requirements by fermenting organic matter and are improving soil health in a quest to sequester carbon.

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19 Mar 2021

Working towards a sustainable future ? We’re looking for a new collegue!

With a real passion for sustainability, a track record in relationship building and outstanding communication skills, you will be responsible for helping us to grow our brand awareness, presence and sales in the market of eco-friendly household products.

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