What is Bokashi?

An Introduction to Bokashi | How it works and how it can benefit the environment.

Every year,  9.5 million tonnes of food waste is sent from UK households to landfill*, contributing to our country’s total greenhouse gas emissions. 

However, by using Bokashi, we as a nation can help to reduce the amount of food waste being sent to landfill, and the negative impact of this, from the comfort of our own homes simply by producing a nutrient rich compost using our food waste. 

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is a fermentative decomposition process that originates from Japan and involves the breakdown of organic matter, such as food waste.

In traditional composting processes, organic matter rots to release emissions and creates a horrible smell. 

Through Bokashi fermentation, the energy within food waste is retained resulting in a sweet smelling, nutrient dense and microbially rich soil improver that works wonders in the garden and is kind to the environment.

The presence of effective microorganisms within the compost can help to suppress harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses present in soils, as well as adding nutrients such as vitamins and organic acids into the ground which are readily available for plants to take up and help to encourage healthy plant growth.

Bokashi waste bins 

Bokashi waste bins provide families and individuals the chance to make use of their food waste from their kitchens. 

The Bokashi waste bin recycles all kinds of food waste including:

  • Cooked food 
  • Uncooked food 

For the fermentative process to occur Bokashi bran is sprinkled on top of food waste in an airtight Bokashi bin. After just two weeks, a nutrient rich compost is produced within the waste bin which can then be spread in the garden.  

What Bokashi customers say

“It takes me two weeks to fill one bucket with all my kitchen waste and another two weeks to ferment before I dig the compost into a trench in my vegetable patch.

“I’ve noticed there’s more worms getting to work in the soil and the health of my plants has increased since adding Bokashi to my soils.” 

  • Sally Wood 

“My plants look much more vibrant since I’ve added Bokashi compost to my garden which shows how much the nutrients are benefitting the soils.

“I believe the Bokashi waste bins are a must for all, as healthy garden produce rich in nutrients can only lead to healthy people, and a healthy planet.” 

  • Jon Williams



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