Our chickens love the taste of Syn-Vital probiotic animal feed . It has a strong fermented aroma which attracts them .

SynVital is a probiotic feed supplement developed directly for animals. SynVital contains living microorganisms, antioxidants and bioactive substances that contribute positively to the animals’ digestion.

A good feed is the basis for health and animal husbandry. Without a good bacterial culture in the intestinal flora, the immune system is negatively affected, which has a direct effect on the animal’s well-being. SynVital adds good bacteria, which promotes a good and efficient intestinal culture, better nutrient uptake and a stabilized metabolism, which in turn results in healthier animals.


SynVital is suitable as a feed supplement for all animals, and can be safely mixed with other feed and mineral supplements. The dosage depends on the condition of the animal and the animal. The bran can be used all year round and will contribute to improved health and profitability.

Cleaning the houses

Microorganisms are found everywhere – in nature, on humans, animals’ skin, fur and in their intestines. EM® ensures a good microflora, both internally and externally, which gives the animals a better immune system and strengthens their health. 

As EM® contains 100% natural substances, the products can be used to advantage for all kinds of animals. The effective microorganisms (photosynthetic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts) ensure good health and a healthy environment in barns and stables.