This product has a tremendous swelling capacity due to the specific plate-like structure and is therefore able to bind together a large amount of water and nutrients. In addition, it contains all of the essential micro-elements in a balanced dose.

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Clay minerals are clay granules, 2 to 5mm in size, which contain many trace elements and are mined in the mines in southern Germany. These clay particles play a very important role in soil fertility. In this way, they can regulate the moisture in the soil very well. They also ensure that the essential trace elements, such as zinc, copper and manganese, are bound and released when there is a shortage of these elements.

Clay minerals together with microorganisms, organic material, even grains of sand, form an indispensable soil substance, namely the “clay-humus complex”. The clay-humus complex provides, among other things, pH buffering, regulation of phosphate and sulphate, the exchange of nutrients for the plants and even moisture, air and heat management in the soil. Clay minerals have a pH (acidity) of 7-8, contain 6-8% moisture and can absorb up to 135% water.

Available in 3 kg and 25 kg bags.

Directions: Distribute approx. 10 kg Edasil clay minerals per 100m² per year.

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Weight 25 kg