Our bees at Ebear Farm

BeeWellness is a special bee remedy based on EM (Effective Micro-organisms) and contains no chemical ingredients.

BeeWellness® promotes the microclimate in the hive and keeps the bees healthy. It supports resilience against the varoa mite, accelerates the breakdown of pesticides, has a positive effect on the vitality of the hive and increases resistance. By treating the hive with BeeWellness you add beneficial and bee-friendly micro-organisms. Our products are 100% natural and friendly to bees. The spray contains no harmful propellants.

You are bringing positive bacteria and fungi back into the bee’s habitat and onto the bee, providing more resistance to the negative bacteria and fungi. By innoculating the bees themselves and spraying the flight board weekly, the bees also take these effective micro-organisms back into nature and their immediate habitat. This allows you as a beekeeper to help support the environment and make it more vital.

BeeWellness® does not directly combat the Varroa mite. It contributes to a healthy balance. Which works favourably on the microclimate in the hive and on the infested bee itself.

Microclimate in the hive

Chemical agents are often used to combat the Varroa mite. In this way, the microclimate in the hive is also affected and weakened. When you clean or treat a surface in this way, you not only remove pathogens but also the beneficial micro-organisms. This then allows negative bacteria to establish themselves undisturbed. By immediately adding positive bacteria you actually ensure that a natural balance is immediately restored and there is a counterbalance to the negative bacteria and fungi. In addition, you restore the microclimate after years of chemical treatments.

The affected bee

When a bee is affected by the Varroa mite, the bee has several perforations in its body. In these places the bee is more susceptible to disease. When you spray the population with BeeWellness® you add positive bacteria on the bee itself and therefore also around these perforations. This way you get a disease suppressing effect.

Treat the material and the hive with BeeWellness®: in this way you will ensure that positive bacteria form a natural counterbalance to the negative bacteria and any fungi that can grow in the damp climate of autumn. We also recommend that you spray all your new and old equipment with BeeWellness® at the start of the season and during the season.

Varroa: spray the hive and bees after each chemical and synthetic treatment.

Cleaning: spray the hive, windows, bottom and roof when old and new hives are put into service.

Weekly spraying of the flight board, feeder and sugar feed.

When checking the colony, spraying calms the bees and reduces stress

BeeWellness® is available in a 1-litre spray bottle.