Bokashi bran

Magic ingredient to ferment food waste

Bokashi bran is wheat bran on which Effective Micro-organisms have been activated. It is a fermented product and smells sweet and sour. Bokashi bran makes sure your organic kitchen scraps are fermented in the Bokashi kitchen bucket and turned into a natural soil nutrient. You can see it as a kind of starter of the fermentation process.

Bokashi bran is available in bags of 1 , 2, 3 & 15 kg bags. Read more about the Bokashi kitchen bucket.Bokashi Composting A4

Mixing through the potting soil:

Bokashi bran can also be mixed through potting soil for seedlings and cuttings. This activates the soil life and adds the useful metabolic products that are released during fermentation. Anti-oxidants, natural growth hormones, organic acids stimulate the growth of young plants. Bokashi bran increases immunity and stimulates root development.

Mix 2-4 volume percent of Bokashi bran through the potting soil.


Tomato plant on right had bokashi bran added to potting soil.