EM-1® contains Effective Micro-organisms, microscopically small creatures. EM is a combination of useful, constructive good bacteria, which occur freely in nature and are not manipulated. Prof. Higa from Japan has devoted much of his life to research into microorganisms and has eventually formed a mixture called the Effective Micro-organisms. Products with EM from Prof. Higa can be recognised by the logo with the seven circles.

EM is used to increase the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans & animals. EM

significantly improves the soil quality, soil fertility, growth and quality of crops. The application possibilities are almost endless.

EM is applicable:

– To increase the natural immunity of plants, animals, soil, man and water.

– When converting vegetable, fruit and garden waste (GFT) into a valuable organic material.

– In the house and (vegetable) garden.

– For pets, in aquariums, swimming pools and fish farms.

– In agriculture, horticulture and cattle breeding.

– In companies for solving all kinds of environmental problems, such as water, air and soil pollution.

– Against odour nuisance.

– Septic Tank Maintenance, keeping content liquid and odour free.

– In green and forest management of cities and municipalities….

Composition of EM

Each of these Effective Micro-organisms has specific tasks. The micro-organisms also promote each other’s actions. EM contains the following Effective Micro-organisms:

– Lactic acid bacteria: these are distinguished by a powerful sterilising property, among other things. They suppress harmful micro-organisms and promote the rapid breakdown of organic matter. They can suppress the reproduction of Fusarium, a harmful fungus.

– Yeasts: these manufacture anti-microbial and valuable substances for plant growth. Their metabolic products are food for lactic acid bacteria and Actinomycetes, among others.

– Actinomycetes: these suppress harmful fungi and bacteria and can live together with photosynthetic bacteria.

– Photosynthetic bacteria: these play the leading role in EM activities. They produce valuable substances from root secretions, organic substances and harmful gases by using sunlight and heat from the soil. They contribute to a better use of sunlight, i.e. better photosynthesis. Plants absorb the metabolic products of these bacteria directly. Photosynthetic bacteria promote the growth of other bacteria and bind nitrogen.

– Fungi that cause fermentation* (fermentation): these quickly break down the organic matter. In this way, they suppress odours and prevent damage by harmful insects.

EM Natural Active is a concept for home and garden and promotes natural resistance in the home, soil, plants, animals and your environment.
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EM-1 is available in 1Ltr and 250ml bottles.

EM-1 1L

Available in 1Ltr and 250ml bottles

EM-1 250ml