EM®-Ceramic – bath stone


Attach EM Ceramic bath stone to the side of the bath to bring energy into your bathing water.

Clay is fermented with Effective Micro-organisms resulting in EM Ceramics. After fermentation and firing, the DNA of the Effective Micro-organisms is stored in the clay. This is why EM Ceramics remain active for a very long time, and are a product that can easily be used for a wide range of applications and processes.

EM Ceramics are ideal for keeping water clear and drinkable. They can be used in water jugs, kettles, baths and many other places around the home and garden. They will also prevent calcification of the elements in your dishwasher and washing machine. EM Ceramics will improve water quality and suppress algae in aquaculture, ponds and tanks. They can even be used in swimming pools instead of chlorine.

EM Ceramics – Improving water quality

• EM Ceramic Pipes, have an immediate effect on the water. The longer the EM ceramics remain in the water the better the results. Put in the toilet cistern to eliminate the need for deodorisers. Place a few pipes in a flannel bag and use in the washing machine and in the dishwasher or loose in the cutlery holder, it will allow you to reduce the amount of detergent you use.

EM-X Gold Bath stone, activates water by making the clusters smaller and the water milder. Human skin absorbs far-infrared wavelengths easily and the percentage reflection in EM Ceramic treated water is improved by 100%. Allowing the heat energy to permeate the body, so making the body warm inside. Recommended to treat stiff shoulders, muscle pain, backache and poor circulation. As EM Ceramics adsorb chlorine from the bath water, there is less irritant for sensitive skin.