EM®-Ceramic super Cera C powder – soil conditioner

EM Ceramic powder for Soil Conditioning 

The most recent development in EM technology is that of EM ceramics. 

EM ceramics have antioxidant properties and also stimulate the regenerating  activities taking place in the soil. 

EM Super Cera C ceramic powder is used for soil conditioning and has the power to retain fertilisers. Ideally used in conjunction with EM Actiferm soil activator, enhancing the effects of the live microbes in EM Actiferm and helping retain the nutrients for plant growth. 

Using our unique EM Super Cera C ceramic powder together with Actiferm  results in a better soil conditioning. Also suitable for use in the EM Kitchen Waste Bokashi compost buckets, resulting in a higher quality compost with less chance of failure. EM contains a beneficial vibration that enhances the powers of life and that positively influences the whole living world. This vibration also exists in EM-X and in EM ceramics and can therefore be applied to many different areas of water purification and agriculture and even to industrial situations. 

Mix 1-2 % powder by weight or volume with, for example, potting soil, clay for modelling, hand cream or other ointment or glue. Strain the powder carefully over a fine sieve before mixing.

When planting young plants, sprinkle planting hole with EM® ceramic powder. This ensures that the young plants are optimally strengthened from the start, they grow evenly and take root better.

In contact with water EM® ceramic powder reduces the surface tension. The antioxidant effect inhibits the formation of rot and supports effective micro-organisms in their work to promote a natural balance in the water.

Application in the garden 

In garden earth: Carefully mix 5 teaspoons powder with 50 litres garden soil and use immediately. 

On pot plants or vegetable patch: Mix 2 to 10 grams powder (per M2) with fine sand or fine dry earth, spread evenly and work into the ground lightly. 

Kitchen Waste bokashi buckets: Add a teaspoon to the bokashi when added to the food waste. 

Foliar plant spraying: Mix 10g to 10L unchlorinated water and spray with large  nozzle.