EM-FHE (Fermented herb extract)

EM® fermented herb extract is made from EM-1® and various herbs. EM FHE contains organic acids, bioactive substances, minerals and other valuable substances from herbs and other organic substances. EM- FHE can be used as a foliar feed or leaf fertiliser. It provides plants with high-quality nutrients. This makes the plant more resilient and less attractive to diseases and harmful insects.

For soil improvement: Spray EM-FH very long to him, sometimes 1 sometimes 2 weeks and that there is almost no response to.

 Use a watering can, sprinkler or other irrigation system.

Spray the EM fermented herb extract over the plants as a leaf fertiliser in a ratio of 1:500 to 1:1000.

Start spraying after germination and before diseases and pests appear.

Spray in the morning or after heavy rain.

Store EM GKE in a dark cool place where the temperature is constant. Do not store in the refrigerator and not in direct sunlight. EM-FHE must be diluted before use.