EM® Salt

EM® Sea Salt is extracted at a depth of 612 meters under the ocean and only at full moon. It comes from pure, nutrient-rich deep sea water around the island of Okinawa, near Kume Island, Japan. The salt then undergoes a unique fermentation process with EM-X Gold and is then sun-dried. Only steaming and natural sun drying are used during the production process.  EM Salt is rich in minerals and trace elements such as potassium and calcium.All trace elements are present in a balanced proportion:

  • Using pure, nutrient-rich deep sea water.
  • Derives its power from the EM fermentation pre-drying.
  • Only steaming and sun-drying are the processes completed during manufacture, keeping the salt natural and pure, but enhanced by the EM.
  • Subjected to rigorous quality controls.


  1. An alternative ‘natural’ salt compared to regular table salt.
  2. As a therapeutic agent.
  3. Foot and leg massage, as an exfoliating agent for removing dead skin cells.
  4. Cosmetic beauty treatment.
  5. Remineralisation after detox, dissolve 3 gr/day in a glass of water and drink.


100gr bags and 500gr bags500g-salt