EM Skin Care spray

EM® SkinCare contains an active mixture of naturally occurring micro-organisms that help promote a natural balance of healthy micro-flora and suppress disease. These dominant micro-organisms deny the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria, creating a microbial balance on the animal’s skin and coat that strengthens the skin’s immune system and inhibits disease. Pathogenic microbes can become established on the skin from contact with other infected animals, or following adverse weather conditions, minor grazes and scratches.

EM® SkinCare is safe to use on all animals and on sensitive parts such as the nose, ears, teats, and around the eyes.

Do not use EM Skin care on open wounds as a disinfectant.

What does EM® SkinCare do?

• Promotes the naturally occurring and healthy microflora on the skin.

• Treats fungal infections on the skin, ears and paws. Works immediately on ring worm leisons on calfs and can eliminate all signs of ring worm within a  week.

• Forms an active protective film on the skin and strengthens the skin’s natural protective flora while inhibiting opportunistic pathogens.

• Moisturises damaged skin, which shortens the healing process.


Spray on the coat and/or the irritated/ damaged area. Use a soft brush to work it properly into the coat.

Use the EM Skin-care spray for the strengthening of the skin flora. Spraying on the coat, whilst grooming, can help prevent the development of many skin problems. In the winter, for example,  spraying under your horse’s blanket is definitely recommended! 

Repeat daily or every other day.


Contains a mixture of different active and beneficial micro-organisms .

Available in  1 L spray

Contains no chemical or pharmaceutical substances.