EM® Mud balls

 EM Mudballs are a bacterial additive to help stop algae growth in water. 

A unique mix of Bokashi wheat bran, clay, EM microbes and EM ceramic powder are fused together to promote sludge eating microbial activity, leaving you with a naturally clean and bright pond. Natural water treatment.

EM Mud Balls are impregnated with 

millions of safe, beneficial micro-organisms, which become active in water. 

Use in combination with EM Pond Clear. 

Treats ponds, lakes and moving water i.e. water features. 

Each mud ball will keep 1 sqm of water clear for a year! Ideal for fountains, streams, cascades – anywhere where there is moving water. Add to new water features to stop them developing algae in the first place or add to an old water feature to clear the water. 


We recommend using EM® Pond Clear Boost in combination with EM Pond

Clear. 0.5 L EM® Pond Clear Boost with 10 L EM Pond Clear /10 000 L water/year

If necessary, repeat 3 to 4 times depending on the amount of algae.

Use EM Mud Balls to remove sludge layer if necessary.

This product is authorised in organic farming in accordance with European directives 834/2007 and 889/2008