EM X Gold

                        Extraordinary health benefits of EM-X Gold


EM-X Gold is a special (liquid) antioxidant that protects cells, supports healthy cell division and stimulates the immune system. It is a special product based on sugar cane molasses and yeast extracts that has been fermented by microorganisms in a mixture of water, coral lime and nigari. Fermentation took place using a unique process developed by Professor Higa, founder of EM technology.

Daily intake.

EM-X Gold is taken orally undiluted or diluted in 250 mls water, tea or coffee. Recommended intake 5 – 10 mls with a maximum of 30 mls daily. To achieve the best result we recommend heating the dose to a maximum of 80 c. Allow this to cool down and drink while still warm. Do not exceed recommended daily dose unless otherwise advised. EM-X Gold is suitable for vegetarians.

Antioxidative power


Our body is made up of billions of cells, the cell wall and cell nucleus of which can be exposed to so-called free radicals. These free radicals are responsible for a process called oxidation. When body cells oxidise, they actually rust and lose their natural function. This process can be influenced by smoking, stress situations, alcohol, environmental pollution and the use of certain medicines. Although oxygen is essential for humans to live, it can also contribute to a certain extent to the formation of these free radicals. Antioxidants are substances that capture free radicals and thus protect healthy cells and tissues against oxidation.

Good for normal cell division

Human cells do not have eternal life. A cell can die and must be replaced. If this does not happen, the body dies. Old cells are replaced by new ones. By creating new cells, the human body can also grow. A cell multiplies by division. In doing so, the cell doubles its DNA and divides it over the two new daughter cells. Cells that are often exposed to harmful external influences, such as skin cells, are regularly replaced. Skin cells last an average of one month. Cells that fulfil an important function within an organism and are less easily replaced, remain throughout the life of the organism, for example, a nerve cell.

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EM-X Gold contains special nutrients that contribute to the maintenance of normal cell division.
 Stimulation of the immune system

The immune system is one of the most important pillars of our health. The immune system – which is not located in a single organ, but functions as a mobile unit in the body – is also called the body’s own defensive force. It protects us, among other things, against external influences. If we look more closely, the immune system consists of 2 parts, the unspecific and the specific immune system. The unspecific part of our immune system consists of different ‘cells’ that aim to provide a quick and decisive first defence against undesirable organisms. It is therefore not specifically targeted at a particular type of organism but protects against different species. The specific immune system distinguishes itself from the non-specific immune system by the fact that the specific immunity is obtained after a first contact with the intruder: the intruder is recognized and then specifically responded to. After the first contact with a certain foreign agent, a memory for the future is built up. In the event of permanent and/or later contact, the reaction will be faster, more efficient and more effective. Despite its inconspicuous weight of 1.5 kg, the immune system is, besides the nervous system, the most complex network in the body.

EM-X Gold contains special nutrients that promote resistance and contribute to maintaining a strong immune system.

Dr Usmani a surgeon in India has fantastic results when including EM-X Gold in the treatment of breast cancer:

*EM-X Therapy in Breast cancer


But what makes EM-X Gold so special?

Besides the special nutrients of EM-X Gold, it also has other special properties.

EM-X Gold provides energetic antioxidative power, a force that not only counteracts free radicals but also restores the body’s natural radical balance.
EM-X Gold has a so-called de-ionising influence on toxins which discharges cells. Through this ‘de-ionisation = removal of electrical charge’ information about the toxins can be released so that the body’s own immune system can find and remove the toxins again.
Finally, EM-X Gold is also capable of regenerative resonance, an important process of EM technology in which the transfer of information and energy by a vibration, also called resonance, is affected. EM-X Gold ensures that the natural vibration of the body is restored, relevant information is preserved and the body can continue to defend itself optimally against external influences.
In short EM-X Gold is a special liquid that, based on its special creation and composition, is able to protect cells, detoxify the body, restore the life balance and strengthen the immune system.

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