Actiferm is a mixture of the activated effective micro-organisms and contains, among others, activated bacteria, yeasts and moulds. It is the perfect tool for poison-free and natural gardening. By diluting these micro-organisms in the plant water, for example, you ensure a balance of micro-organisms in your garden and pond.

Actiferm is also used to ferment vegetable and animal remains, as a compost accelerator, has a disease-reducing effect on plants and vegetables and stimulates soil life.

Furthermore, Actiferm is very effective against odour nuisance, e.g. in animal housing. Billions of bacteria live in and around our garden. For a pleasant environment it is important that the good bacteria are always in the majority.

Ensures a balanced soil life.

Fermentation of vegetable and animal remains.

Grafting on the compost heap (better digestion and less odour nuisance).

Eliminates odour nuisance e.g. in animal sheds.

Ensures natural balance in the pond.

Spray for disease-suppressing and -resisting effect on plants.

“instructions for use” Contents are 2 litres bag-in-box. At the bottom of the box, pull out the tap. The vacuum-cleaning inner bag prevents oxygen from reaching Actiferm. This way the good quality is guaranteed. Store in a dark and cool place.

Dilute Actiferm 1/100 (e.g. 10 ml to 1 litre of water) with water and spray and/or water the soil and plants. Preferably do this before it starts raining. You can divide the recommended amount over several times. The guideline is 1 to 2 litres of Actiferm (to be diluted) per 100m2 per year.

With Buxus “Boxwood”Disease: Spray the buxus with Actiferm (1/100 diluted with water) before every rain. Spray/spray several times in April/May and September. Read more about preventive treatment.

To promote the natural balance of the pond: 1 litre of Actiferm per year per 1 m3 (phased administration). Read more about pond treatment.

Regular spraying of Actiferm in the henhouse/pigeon house helps to efficiently convert manure. It also neutralises unpleasant odours. 100 ml Actiferm on 10 litres of water.

In the henhouse: 1 litre Actiferm per m² per year. Or spray 1.5 litres of the solution (5/100) 2 to 3 times a week over the floor of the house (9 m²)