Proferm is a feed ingredient based on spelt bran which has been fermented with EM Effective Micro-organisms. The combination of pre and probiotica improves the horses immune resistance and health condition.

Proferm strengthens the intestinal flora and provides the necessary fiber for a healthy intestinal flora. The combination of pre- and probiotics in a live form ensures the presence of many interesting metabolic products; anti-oxidants, organic acids and other bio-active substances. These ensure – in addition to an increased feed intake and better digestion – also an increased palatability. The general condition and resilience of the animal increases which improves the performance of the horse.  http://Syn Vital and Proferm.pdf


Helps restore intestinal flora after diarrhoea.

Increases palatability, feed intake and digestion.

 Improves general condition and defenses.

Feed rate/ 50g per day. Packaging 5kg and 1kg bags for dogs & cats