The Garden Box contains 4 different natural products with which can treat a garden of 30 m².
Clay minerals for moisture control and for trace elements, Seashell lime for pH, an organic fertiliser called Grow Best and Actiferm for a good balance of Effective Micro-organisms in the soil.
The products are aimed at improving the chemical, physical and biological aspects of the garden. These 3 processes work together inseparably to create a sustainable garden.  This means that you need virtually no other garden products besides the Garden Box, and you can treat your garden in a 100% natural way. It will kick-start biologically any poor soil that needs rejuvenation.

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Clay minerals are clay granules, 2 to 5mm in size, which contain many trace elements and are mined in southern Germany. These clay particles play a very important role in soil fertility. Clay minerals can regulate the moisture in the soil very well. They also ensure that the indispensable trace elements, such as zinc, copper and manganese, are bound and released when there is a shortage of these elements.
Clay minerals together with micro-organisms, organic material, even grains of sand, form an indispensable soil substance, namely the “clay-humus complex” (CHC).
The clay-humus complex provides, among other things, pH buffering, regulation of phosphate and sulphate, the exchange of nutrients for the plants and even moisture, air and heat management in the soil.
Clay minerals have a pH (acidity) of 7-8, contain 6-8% moisture and can absorb up to 135% water.
Distribute approx. 10 kg clay minerals per 100m² per year.

As is known, a balanced pH of the soil is very important for optimal plant growth. If the pH of the soil is low (acidic), various nutrients are bound in the soil and the plant can no longer absorb them. By optimising the pH with Aegir sea-shell lime, you can combat acidification. Our Aegir is extracted from shell banks in the North Sea.

The advantage of seashell lime is that it has a long-lasting effect, it dissolves slowly in the soil, and therefore pH fluctuations can be avoided. This stimulates the growth of soil life, which in turn provides optimal conditions for plant growth. Finally, sea shell lime also contains trace elements.

Distribute approx. 10 kg of sea shell lime per 100m² per year.

Grow-Best is a carefully balanced, natural fertiliser NPK 5-4-2 , derived from organic materials.
Grow-Best not only contains nutrients for the plant but also essential nutrients for soil life.
Together with Bokashi compost and the soil life (micro-biome in the soil), an optimal clay-humus-complex (CHC) is formed with the help of Grow-Best. From this CHC the plant can feed optimally and reach its full potential.

Mealworm manure, turnip greens, Edasil clay minerals, Vulkamin primeval stone flour, seaweed, trace elements and bacterial culture. 62% organic matter: NPK 5-4-2

Sprinkle 40 litres (approx. 23.5kg) over 100m², which is 1 litre per 2.5m².

Actiferm is a ready-to-use product based on activated EM, Effective Micro-organisms™.
It provides disease suppressing effect on your plants and in your greenhouse. Actiferm also stimulates life in the soil. You can achieve this by spraying the Actiferm weekly with water in 1:100 dilution or pouring it into your garden.
It does not damage your garden tools and you can safely harvest your vegetables and fruit on the same day as you have applied Actiferm.

1 to 2 litres of Actiferm per 100m² per year for the entire ornamental and vegetable garden and lawn. The products of the Garden Box make fertilisers and other crop protection products virtually superfluous. The EM applications ensure healthier plants, nicer flowers and better harvests and lead to lower costs.

Maintenance and/or construction of: lawn, border and vegetable garden
For the construction and natural maintenance of the lawn, border and vegetable garden, the products in the Garden Box are extremely suitable and can be used with various possibilities and combinations.
On the right you will find a general guideline in terms of possibilities and quantities.

You can apply the clay minerals, sea shell lime and the manure best on top of the existing lawn, border or vegetable garden before it starts raining.
– When planting a lawn, these products can be incorporated superficially.
– When planting new plants, these products can be incorporated superficially and/or mixed with the soil from the planting hole.
– During the growing season it is good to lightly work in the products between the rows of vegetables.
Larger quantities of clay minerals can be processed in sandy soils.

– 10 kg Clay minerals per year per 100 m2
– 10 kg  Aegir Seashell lime per year per 100 m2
– 40 litres Grow-Best per year per 100 m2. ( If possible rake in )
– 1 -2 litres of Actiferm per year per 100 m2.  Dilute Actiferm with 1 to 100 litres of water and spray or spray in one or more times per growing season on the plants and or soil.
Dilute the Actiferm with 1 to 100 litres of water and spray and/or irrigate preferably in rainy or rainy weather (then it washes into the soil). You can spread the recommended amount over several times.