Vulkamin Granulate ( EM Lawn care)

 Vulkamin granulate  (EM Lawn Care) Laden with abundant amounts of minerals to replenish soils reserves and promote the best plant growth. Provides building blocks for the development of turf and is also sold as EM Lawn Care. This granulate is derived from rocks that are possibly millions of years old and contain extraordinary components known as zeolites and phonolites. High yeild crops depend on the soil.This zeolite is a 100% natural raw material, rich in minerals and trace elements. It has a pH of 11.

Soil demineralisation can cause bad cropping and can be prevented by feeding the soil with deficient minerals and spoor elements. In potato cultivation a deficiency in boron can cause scab. Carrots are known to split when the soil lacks boron. A deficiency in potassium and titanium can cause infertility in cows. Virus infections are more likely when the soil is deficient in Zinc. 

In the formation of amino acids Zinc is essential. A lack of cobalt can also cause disease in cows.

It is a costly and complicated task to have the soil analysed at regular intervals. Nature provides all mineral spoor elements the soil needs by application of Vulkamin, Ostrea Crushed Sea shells and Edasil clay minerals.

Application on pasture: 500kg per hectare / 10kg per 100 m2

A lot of attention is paid to the main elements Nitrogen (N), Phosphate (P) and Potash (K): A one-sided fertilisation approach in which the importance of the necessary trace elements disappears into the background. However it is important to remember that trace elements are essential in the food of humans and animals.

Vulkamin granulate is often applied to the soil to solve a deficit in trace elements. The product has a lasting effect. Due to the slow release of the granules, the necessary elements are gradually absorbed by the soil as needed.

Vulkamin contains large amounts of minerals  (Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium) and trace elements such as Zinc and Titanium. This makes it ideal for replenishing soil reserves. The building blocks are good for the development of the turf, plant border or hedge. In addition, Vulkamin is rich in soluble Silicon. This increases the plant’s resistance to drought stress and infectious diseases. It can also improve the absorption or utilisation of Phosphate.

With only a minimal gift of trace elements, an important support is given to keep soil and plant vital. Thus soil life is nourished, the crop can grow better and the plant is helped to build enzymes, vitamins and essential amino acids…

Important trace elements and minerals for plant and soil.

– Formation of clay particles after decomposition.

– Slow release, so better and long-lasting effect

Use 3 kg Vulkamin Granules for 30m2 per year.

Soil: Lightly work Vulkamin into the soil. Once in the spring and repeat in the fall.

Lawn: Sprinkle Vulkamin evenly over the lawn and irrigate. Or sprinkle before rain.


Available by 3 or 25 kg

Also sold as EM Lawn Care in 20kg tubs…/VulkaminEdasilAegir-SOIL-CARE.pdf