Wipe & Clean




You can use Wipe & Clean daily to clean. Especially objects with a smooth surface are suitable to clean with Wipe & Clean.
The effective micro-organisms find their way through the daily household tasks. From the bathroom to the children’s room, from dishwasher to washing machine. Wipe & Clean is also ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars and other metal constructions. There is no task where the Micro-organisms from EM cannot prove their usefulness!

You can work in the same way as cleaning with traditional or organic cleaning products. Because Wipe & Clean does not foam, you immediately see the effect. Sometimes rinsing is not even necessary.

Advice: 1 litre Wipe & Clean per 10 – 100 litres of water

Odour reduction and drains (septic tank)
Unpleasant odours from drain pipes and drains disappear by regularly flushing Wipe & Clean through the gutter or the toilet. This also prevents the drain pipes from becoming clogged.

Advice: 1 litre Wipe & Clean pure or dilute to 10 litres of water

Cleaning of dirty objects
Soak dirty objects or tools, with sediment and/or deposits, for a few hours or days in a concentrated Wipe & Clean solution. Sometimes all the sediment or deposits will come loose by themselves. In other cases, you can rub off the dirt or deposits after soaking and rinse them away.
To give you an idea, a few examples:

– Make stubborn stains on floors, wall tiles, kitchen and bathroom furniture wet well, soak, scrub and rinse off.
– After a few hours of soaking, the deposits on coffee and tea cups or jugs will come loose and disappear.
– Grey deposits of tap water on the bottom and on the walls of buckets and water jugs come loose. Rub off and rinse away.
– After a few hours soaking, you can clean plastic objects well.
– Place some EM ceramic pipes in the whistling kettle. This way the sediment will attach less. Then fill the kettle with a Wipe & Clean solution and let it soak for a day. The sediment will easily come loose.
– Copper and silver objects become smoother and shine after a soaking in Wipe & Clean solution. Very dirty objects usually need a cleaning and/or a second bath with Wipe & Clean solution.
– The bottom of pans that are often cooked for a long time is cleaned again after a soaking in a Wipe & Clean solution. Sometimes a touch-up for a better result.
– Mats that smell awful, wet well with a Wipe & Clean solution and then let dry. Scrub with a brush and then rinse off.

windows washed with Wipe & Clean stay cleaner for longer


Advice: 1 litre Wipe & Clean pure or dilute to 10 litres of water.

Washing machine and dishwasher

Limescale is one of the most common problems with washing machines and dishwashers. EM ceramics provide softer water and a nicer shine on the dishes. If you use Wipe & Clean and/or EM ceramics in the washing machine and the dishwasher, you can also reduce the amount of detergent.

Advice: Sew 30 – 50 ml Wipe & Clean pure and/or 30 – 50 pieces of grey EM ceramic pipes in a washcloth and wash with them or place an EM ceramic water improver between the pipes of your water supply.


Wipe & Clean is a 100% natural cleaning agent from Effective Microorganisms. Billions of bacteria live in and around our homes. For a pleasant environment and healthy home, it is important that the good bacteria are in the majority. This is possible with Wipe & Clean! The Effective Microorganisms ensure that balance in the home. They are good bacteria, indispensable for a healthy living environment.

Wipe & Clean can be used daily to clean. From the toilet to the children’s room, from the kitchen to windows. Wipe & Clean is also ideal for cleaning bicycles, cars and other metal structures. There is no task for which the micro-organisms in EM® cannot prove their worth!

Wipe & Clean is available in the fragrances: Classic,  Holy Basil and refreshing Mint.

Packaged in a spray bottle (1 litre ready-to-use) and bag-in-box (2 litres). The Flairosol is ideal as a refillable nebuliser.