Water Treatment

Water is vital for all parts of life. At Agriton we know that through nature we can support the best quality from even the worst sources.


The water in an aquarium often gives off an unpleasant odor, in particular because of the putrefaction of leftover food or fish droppings.

You can avoid this phenomenon, thanks to the action of the Effective Micro-organisms present in the Wipe & Clean.

EM® gains the upper hand over pathogens, and thus rapidly degrades the material. Odors will be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

This also benefits fish health.


For small aquariums, at each water change, add 1 / 1000
For example: For 5 L of water, add 5 mL of Wipe & Clean when you change the water in the jar

For large aquariums, every week, add 1 / 10,000
For example: For 100 L of water, add 10 mL of Wipe & Clean per week


EM® Ceramics products are made of Seto clay, fermented by EM®, then fired at high temperature (900°C for pinks, 1300°C for greys). The EM® do not survive this temperature, but the ceramic formed stores the vibrations emitted by them, and acts, in particular on the molecular structure of water.

EM® Ceramics gray
They help reduce clusters, dramatically improving the texture of the water. 
There is also a decrease in scale deposits.

In the filter: 500 g of gray pearls / 500 L of water

In the filter or at the bottom of the aquarium:
500 g of marbles / 500 L of water

In the bottom of the aquarium:
1 Ring Small / 10 L of water
1 Ring Large / 250 L of water
1 tube 35 mm / 150 L of water

Regularly clean your gray EM Ceramics by leaving them overnight in pure Wipe & Clean.

EM® Ceramics pink
They have a high capacity for adsorption of molecules, and thus make it possible to reduce the quantity of chlorine in the water. 
They also limit the proliferation of algae.

In the filter:      500 g of pink pearls / 500 L of water      To be changed every 6 months


Establish or restore a biological balance in the water

Actiferm can be added to your water point to create or restore a biological balance in it, in order to improve its quality, while being biodegradable and safe.

The Effective Micro-organisms present in the Actiferm contribute to the conversion of organic matter (mud, excrement, plants, etc.) into nutrients for the plants and fish in the pond, and therefore prevent the putrefaction of organic matter.

When the pond contains few microorganisms, intermediate products such as ammonia and nitrites are slowly converted. These substances are harmful to fish health, so it is important that their presence and concentrations are as low as possible. By adding Actiferm, you add healthy microbial flora to the pond. Ammonia and nitrites will be neutralized faster and nitrates (end products) will appear as a source of nutrients, ideal for aquatic plants.

Dosage10 L of Microferm for 10 m³ of water per year.

Significant siltation

To reduce the siltation of your water point or to avoid it, you can use EM Bokashi pond balls. The combination of fermented clay, Bokashi, molasses and EM ® Ceramics powder brings many Effective Microorganisms into the water. The slime will then be consumed thanks to the microbial action, and will visibly and durably decrease thanks to the microbial action.

Dosage1 to 2 balls per m² of surface per year (depending on the amount of mud present), preferably in winter.

Algae issue

Pond Clear Super Booster contains a multitude of specific phototrophic micro-organisms. These contribute to the elimination of many molecules such as phosphate, nitrite, or even ammonium. Micro-organisms therefore compete with algae, permanently limiting their development.

Dosage – 0.5 L of Pond Clear and 10 L of Actiferm for 10 m³ of water per year.

Ideally, divide this amount to make one intake per month (March to November).
If the algae problem is strong, make a contribution per week until they disappear, then continue with a monthly contribution.

Fight water acidification

The use of Aegir prevents the water from becoming acidic. Its shape (fragments of shells) allows it to naturally and sustainably raise the pH of the water. The Aegir also allows the reflection of sunlight.

Dosage – 1 kg of Aegir per m² of surface per year.