What is EM®?

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What is EM® ?


EM stands for Effective Micro-organisms, a technology developed in Okinawa, Japan by Professor Higa. Agriton are proud to be the UK representative for EMRO. These are naturally occurring micro-organisms which are used to increase the natural resistance of soil, plants, water, humans & animals.

EM contains a selection of different types of effective micro-organism, each having its own special task to perform, but at the same time promoting each other’s activities too. They are collected in the wild; and are not modified or manipulated but are grown naturally.

EM contains among others: lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes, photosynthetic bacteria and fungi. So EM is pure nature… EM-1 is our base product and is usually activated before use. We also have ready activated called Actiferm.


Prof. Higa from Japan has dedicated a large part of his life to researching micro-organisms and finally formed a mixture (30 years ago) which is known collectively as EM

Effective Micro-organisms. Products with EM® from Prof. Higa can be recognised by the logo with the seven circles.

EM® is used to increase the natural resistance of soil, plant, water, man & animal. EM® improves the soil quality, soil fertility, growth and quality of crops considerably. The application possibilities are virtually endless. EM® is applicable:


– To increase the natural immunity of plants, animals, soil,     people and water.
– To ferment vegetable, fruit and garden waste into valuable organic material (Bokashi composting ).- At home, in the garden, in the vegetable garden and in the pond (Actiferm, Pond Clear)
– For pets, in aquariums, swimming pools and fish farms.
– In agriculture, horticulture and cattle breeding. see Agriton Animal husbandry.
– In companies for solving all kinds of environmental problems, such as water, air and soil       pollution.
– Against odour nuisance.
– In green and forestry management in cities and towns.

How Effective Micro-organisms work. The special thing about EM is the combination of Aerobic and Anaerobic micro-organisms.

Aerobic means “living with oxygen” and anaerobic means “living without oxygen”. In this scientific world, it was always assumed that these two groups could not possibly live side by side because the conditions under which they live are opposite to each other. Both groups also occur naturally together in the soil. The aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms have in common that they can convert substances into antioxidants. These have a beneficial effect on the health of soil, plants, people and animals. Micro-organisms work according to the dominance principle, and thus restore the microbial balance.

What is the principle of dominance?

In the world of microorganisms, there are different groups. There is a small group of dominant ‘effective’ microorganisms, a small group of dominant ‘harmful’ microorganisms and a large group of so-called followers. In nature, the group of followers work together with one of the above-mentioned dominant groups. In practice, this means that they belong to the most suitable dominant group. There is a constant power struggle between the effective and the harmful organisms. The “billions of followers” simply wait to see which of the two groups gets the upper hand. Then they adapt and follow or imitate the victor. When the ‘good guys’, the effective micro-organisms, gain the upper hand, they exert their constructive and disease-suppressing influence on all kinds of areas (e.g. air, soil, plants, water, people, animals,…). Proper use of EM in the household, the environment, agriculture and horticulture can promote the increase of effective microorganisms everywhere.

How EM continues to work

EM is a living substance and does not work in the same way as an antibiotic or a chemical agents. EM increases the population of beneficial microorganisms, it does not kill! It is not an antibiotic, but a mixture of life-stimulating micro-organisms, known in various food preparations such as beer, wine, sauerkraut,… EM works gradually.

Depending on the application, you may expect an effect between a few hours (e.g. odour removal) to sometimes several years (e.g.; soil fertility). The effect of EM is partly based on a combination of fermentative micro-organisms. The metabolic products that are produced by fermentation are widely known as antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes. Super healthy!

EMRO  is represented all over the world and is a leading authority on chemical-free alternatives for healthy food and healthy living. see their website http://www.emro.co.jp

Products containing EM:

EM-1, Actiferm, Bokashi bran, EM-5, FHE, Syn-vital, EM Silage, Proferm, EM Soap, Mud Balls, EM Pond Clear, EM Pond Clear Booster, EM Drink, Bee Wellness Spray, Wipe & Clean. See our products pages and shop for specific details