Why Bokashi

Why is Bokashi a BIG DEAL?

Within agriculture and horticulture, there is no other sustainable method of getting as much as possible out of the soil as Bokashi.

For your home

  • No smells because friendly, safe bacteria is used
  • No flies because the Bokashi Bucket has an air-tight seal
  • Small and compact, so slots neatly into any kitchen
  • Meat, fish, and dairy products can all be safely composted
  • Bokashi juice, the liquid fertiliser by-product, will give your house plants a boost
  • Your house plants will thrive when planted with Bokashi

For your garden

  • Bokashi has a higher nutritional value than organic substances that are not fermented.
  • Bokashi is a source of nourishment for micro-organisms that grow in the soil.
  • Bokashi micro-organisms establish themselves permanently in the soil.
  • Once there, these micro-organisms multiply and then dominate harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi present in the soil.
  • Soil that initially was a potential cause of disease is now turned into a disease suppressing soil.

For your planet

  • The bokashi technology binds 27 times more greenhouse gases than traditional compost.
  • Part of a low impact living solution by recycling and redirecting food waste away from landfill